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Friday, July 2, 2010

Small Spaces Make Great Places!

While browsing through design books online I came across one about apartment & small space decorating. Never really being a fan of large, lavish homes, my curiosity got the better of me- like usual- and I started searching for decorating ideas for smaller spaces. Then again it could be because I have been aching to move out and have my own place... Anyway, I found a really cool blog about apartments and small homes and wanted to share the link with everyone because there are some really neat ideas on it! You may have already heard of Apartment Therapy, but for those of you who have not (like me!) that love little living spaces this is a great site for you!

The Ceramic Tile House is definitely one of my favorites on the site! I love the loft design, the use of the ceramic wood tile throughout the home, and just the overall contemporary look. It is very clean, simple, open and unique. I would live there! The only changes I would make are adding some pops of bright colors and black accent furniture so I feel like I was living in a pop-art painting.

What do you think? Do you like small or large spaces?

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